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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is one of many tree services we offer. The perfect service that compliments our tree removal services as well as a stand alone service we offer to Edmonton and surrounding communities. We offer both stump grinding and stump removal services. The reason you’d like your tree stump gone will determine which services you’ll need.

Whether you want an unsightly tree stump in the middle of your yard, or you’re planning a tree removal and know you want the tree stump gone, we have the right tree service for you. Your free estimate is just a click away.

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service

Stump grinding

Our stump grinding service allows us to grind a tree stump down approximately 6” below grade. We achieve this with the use of a stump grinding machine. Using either a wheeled or tracked stump grinder we will use the grinder fast spinning wheel packed with teeth to effortlessly chew through a tree stump. Once we’ve achieved the desired depth and ground all visible chase roots you’ll be left with a fine wood chip and dirt mix. We rake all the material back over the hole for safety.

We also provide a complete finishing service with either fresh sod of top soil and seed. This service is recommended if you want your lawn to look like there was no tree removal or stump grinding performed.

Stump removal

Stump removal is a service we offer should you be looking at planting a new tree in the tree stumps place. Stump removal requires specialized equipment not often found in the tree care industry. Although it’s not specialized equipment in some industries, an excavator is not commonly seen in this industry. Because we are a full service tree care company, we also plant trees and often use an excavator to perform a complete stump removal to set the perfect environment for a new tree. A stump grinder can not grind deep enough to allow enough room for fresh topsoil under a newly planted tree.

Why a tree stump should be removed

Tree stump grinding is important. After a tree removal the tree stump left behind is most likely still full of life. Leaving the tree stump as is, will allow the tree to regrow. This regrowth is stress growth and may cause your exposed roots to send chutes up all over your lawn. Stump grinding is the solution.

Another reason to not leave the stump is decay. I tree removal was completed because a tree was dead, decay has already started. Once a stump dies it will begin to decay. This makes a great environment for all sorts of critters and bugs. Should the tree stump be close to your house you run the risk of uninvited pests into your home. Stumps next to your house should always be completely removed.

That tree stump in the middle of your yard can be a tripping hazard as well as a lawn mower blade eater. Stump removal and stump grinding will make your yard a safer place for kids to play.

Stump grinder safety

Ground Hawk Services professional Edmonton arborists team will always take the time needed to plan the perfect tree removal. Our certified arborists will start each toolbox meeting by performing a field level hazard assessment. OH&S mandates that an FLHA be performed when starting any type of work at each address worked at everyday.

When all hazards have been identified and safety controls in place, a certified arborist will focus on the tree to be removed. Following Ground Hawk Services procedure, our highly trained team will put their plan in motion with the safety of our co workers, clients and public in mind.

Proper hazard identification and controls along with the proper liability insurances will leave you with a worry free experience. It’s our zero property damage policy. 

Stump Grinding cost

Our Edmonton area stump grinding costs vary depending on access and size of stump. For tree stump grinding with easy access our minimum rates start @ $129.00 for stumps 10” or smaller and $10/inch after 10″ added to the minimum rate.

Complete stump removal costs are typically a bigger cost as the time and equipment needed is a lot more than that of our tree stump grinding services.

For a tree stump grinding estimate, simply text or email us a picture of your stump with a tape measure over it and we will send you your free estimate.

Tree Removal

Before you use our stump grinding services, maybe you need our tree removal services. Our professional tree removal team won’t let you down. From the first cut to the stump removal, our team of certified arborists will complete the task safely and efficiently.

Tree removal is often needed when trees have outgrown their environment, infected, dead or dying. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Have one of our certified arborists assess your tree and help you make that tree removal decision.

Our tree removal teams are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to safely tackle any tree removal job. Bucket trucks, cranes and professional climbers are the tools that allow us to tackle any tree removal. Technical training and retraining keep our crews at the top of their game when it comes to the planning and execution of any tree removal project.

After any tree removal project our tree stump grinding service is always the next option. Our stump grinder is always close by and ready for its next tree stumps.

Tree services & areas

We’re proud to serve All of Edmonton, St Albert,Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Leduc, Devon, Spruce Grove and surrounding regions.

Our services in Edmonton include tree removal, Pruning, stump grinding, stump removal, chipping, cabling & bracing and lot clearing.

Tree service company

Ground Hawks Services isn’t just a tree removal services company. We are a full tree services company that focuses on every aspect of tree service. We offer top quality tree maintenance, tree pruning, Tree removal, cabling, chipping, hedge trimming, stump grinding and stump removal as well as lot clearing. Our team of professional arborists offer expert tree services with their extensive knowledge, experience and training in the tree services industry.

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service