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Looking for the best arborist Edmonton has to offer? Let our ISA certified arborists take care of all your tree service needs. We can climb those unreachable trees, be safe and efficient with one of our bucket trucks and even remove that completely unreachable tree with a crane! We have the right tools with the best training in the tree service industry. We are where safety meets efficiency.

Choosing the right arborist for the tree services required can be tricky. We will always take the time during our free estimates to educate our customers about what tree service or tree services they require. With a strong ethical tie to the Edmonton tree service community, we have the resources necessary to offer the best tree services. Quotes are always free.

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service

Tree Removal Services in Edmonton

Have one of our ISA certified arborists plan and execute a safe and efficient tree removal. No tree removal is the same. Each removal poses its own risks. Our tree removal team will take the time needed to properly assess each individual situation of every tree removal. We will never quote a tree removal over a picture. We stand by our price and make sure all potential hazards are recognized. contact us today and we will gladly come out to give you a free quote.

As per Edmonton ab city by law, a tree can not be felled across a boulevard. The contractor and even the homeowner can be liable for any damages or subject to fines. Be aware of who you hire for tree removal services. Most ISA certified arborists will know proper procedure, but even some by-laws are unknown or adhered to.

Tree removal is typically necessary when a tree is dead, dying, infected or simply outgrown its environment. Tree removal services are generally one of the last tree services an arborist will want to offer. Looking for the best solution for a tree’s health is our main objective.

marcus tree examine

Dead or dying tree

If your tree is dead or dying it will need to be removed. The amount of decay, height, location and access to the tree will determine what type of tree removal services you’ll require.

Decay can go unnoticed for years prior to a tree showing signs of it dying. Before you know it the tree is completely dead, this becomes a big hazard and liability to the home or property owner. It’s always more cost effective to remove the hazard before having to call in our emergency tree services team.

Infected & diseased tree

Contact our ISA certified arborists to assess your infected tree. Identifying the type of infection will determine the type of tree service you’ll require. Tree removal may be required urgently to stop spread of any infection or disease.

Planning a tree removal

Overgrown trees

Trees need ample space and the right environment to thrive. The Edmonton arborist industry will always be busy removing trees that have been growing for many decades. These trees were once in a perfect location for their size, have outgrown their environment and are encroaching over buildings. If tree pruning will not work, tree removal is needed.

Trees that have been planted too close to each other decades ago are now becoming intertwined. The larger or faster growing trees have taken over leaving the smaller species overly shaded and losing the battle for water. Selective tree removals in the patch of trees will stop some of the competition and let the chosen trees thrive.

Tree Pruning Services in Edmonton

What’s better than a perfectly shaped, lush and vibrant canopy? Nothing! Tree care starts with our tree pruning services. Our ISA certified arborists have the training and experience needed to work with your trees and develop plans for future tree services to get the most life possible out of your tree.

A big misconception about tree pruning services is that once a tree is pruned it will have the perfect canopy and structure and you’ll be good for years to come. Tree service is like servicing your car or truck. If you have driven 3 years without an oil change you wouldn’t expect the engine to be in good running order right after your 3 year overdue oil change. Same goes for trees. Tree pruning is needed throughout your tree’s life to ensure proper health and that perfect shape.

Our ISA certified arborists will work with your trees every 2-4 years by establishing proper structure as it grows. Tree pruning will also help coerce your tree to grow in a way that best suits its environment and surroundings.

Tree Pruning
Stump Removal

Stump Grinding Services in Edmonton

Our stump grinding and stump removal services in Edmonton compliment our tree removal services.

Stump grinding is a method in which a machine on tires or tracks with a spinning head full of teeth chews through your stump and chase roots down approximately 6 inches. Stump grinding will leave behind fine wood chips mixed with dirt that will be raked over hole for safety.

Stump removal is a little bit more invasive than stump grinding. Depending on the size of the tree that was removed and the stump that’s left behind, an appropriate sized excavator will be used to dig the complete stump out. This makes for the perfect opportunity to plant a new tree in its place. Contact us for a free quote today.

Tree service Edmonton area

We’re proud to serve a vast area in and around Edmonton. We have teams out traveling to serve all the lake lot areas outside the 100km radius of Edmonton. Our local Edmonton arborist team serves Edmonton, St Albert, Morinville, Gibbons, Red Water, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Leduc, Wetaskiwin, Devon, Spruce grove and stony plain.

We offer Tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, stump removal, tree cabling, lot clearing, chipping and emergency services.

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ISA Certified Arborists

ISA certification means we are trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of arboriculture. ISA certified arborists must adhere to the code of ethics that strengthens the credibility and reliability of the workforce.

Although it is not necessary to have ISA accreditation to offer tree services in Edmonton, you can have peace of mind when hiring an ISA certified arborist for your tree care needs. At Ground Hawk Services we believe strongly in both learning and teaching. Our ISA certified arborists are continuously training though Arbor Canada and teaching our apprentices to be the next best arborists.

Commercial & Condo Tree care

Commercial & condo tree care may seem like a big expensive project. For this reason we offer monthly 1-3 year contracts so these properties can receive proper tree maintenance.

Our commercial & Condo tree maintenance packages include a complete inventory of the trees on the property with a tree maintenance plan over the next 1-3 years. Planning for the long term health and appearance for your trees is not only cost effective and budget friendly, your commercial property will look as appealing as can be for years to come.

We offer reduced rates and prompt service for all emergency calls at commercial & condo properties in our portfolio. Contact us for your free estimate.

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service