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Tree Care Services Sherwood Park

Ground Hawk Services opened its second location in 2020 located a short distance south in Beaumont. Serving Sherwood park and surrounding areas our certified arborists have the knowledge and experience to offer a quality tree service.

Tree removal services Sherwood Park

Our team of certified arborists carefully assess every tree removal differently as no tree removal is alike. Safety of our crew and the public is first and foremost. We’ll never quote a removal through text or email pictures. We always meet our clients to provide a thorough and transparent quote. We always offer free estimates.

Tree removal services are usually needed for a variety of reasons. A major reason for concern is usually dead, dying diseased trees. It’s always best to be proactive and have an ISA certified arborist check on the health of your tree.

Trees tend to outgrow their environment, whether they are competing with surrounding trees or structures on your property some species may have grown too large and are, or will be causing property damage. Sometimes even a healthy tree needs to be removed when tree pruning is no longer a viable service to the tree.

High winds, lightning and even heavy rains can damage a tree beyond repair, leaving a potentially serious hazard to your property and family. Urgent tree service is offered for when mother nature hits hard.

Tree removals pose the highest risk over any tree service. Whether you have some trees or many trees, tree service can be dangerous. Call in the professionals for your next tree service.

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning services Sherwood park

Tree pruning is one of the most overlooked tree services. Pruning should never be left till when a branch is growing where it shouldn’t. Being proactive when it comes to pruning is not only cost effective, your tree will thrive with its lush canopy and healthy vibrant look. And you’ll get to see us more often! It’s not uncommon to get a professional arborists assessment every few years.

When our team is pruning trees in Sherwood Park, they’re making each cut with the next couple of years of your tree’s life in their minds. Planning the next tree service and growing with your trees is the main objective of our pruning tree service.

Pruning is an important tree service when it comes to tree care. Opening up the canopy of a tree increases air flow keeping unwanted critters and possible infection away. This breeze also strengthens your tree’s structure. Through continued use of our tree pruning service, your tree will have the structure to keep growing properly adding that curb appeal your property deserves.

Stump grinding and stump removal Sherwood park

Our stump grinding team in Sherwood Park will grind any stump down approximately 6″ below grade. We’ll also grind those roots that are nothing but a tripping hazard. We’ll rake all the wood shavings and dirt evenly back over the whole for safety.

Our stump removal team in Sherwood Park will bring an excavator over to completely remove the root ball so a new tree can be planted in its place. Tree planting after a tree removal is always encouraged. We’re pleased to offer tree planting to our arsenal of tree services.

Stump Removal

Tree services offered

We offer numerous tree services from Sherwood Park to spruce grove and all surrounding areas. Emergency services, tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, stump grinding, stump removal, lot clearing, tree planting, tree consultation and anything tree care related.

Contact us today for your free estimate for any of our tree services and we’ll schedule your appointment within 1 business day.

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service