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Tree Care Services Fort Saskatchewan

We’re professional arborists proud to serve the Fort Saskatchewan area. Whether you’re in need of a tree consultation, tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, tree maintenance, shrub trimming, stump grinding, stump removal or any other tree service, Ground Hawks Services is here for all your tree services needs.

Our years of experience and continued training keeps us up to date if not above industry standards. Our focus on tree safety across all tree services we offer allows us to stand out from the rest. We’re not just a company with chainsaws, We’re arborists that care for the health and prosperity of all every tree.

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service

Tree removal

Our Fort Saskatchewan tree removal team offers high quality and safe tree removals. From initial free estimates to proper job planning and execution you can trust that the job will be completed safely and efficiently.

Tree removal should always be left to the fully insured and certified professionals. Don’t settle for that quote through a picture sent by a text. We will always come out to your property to look at how and why a tree removal is necessary. We stand by our service and price. Estimates are always free.

Every tree removal in Fort Saskatchewan is different. Each tree removal poses its own hazard to both property and the public. Our team of professionals will take the time needed to plan each removal according to the risk they pose.

Reasons to have a tree removed

Tree removal is often needed when a tree has outgrown its environment. Tree maintenance and regular pruning can prolong a tree’s life in its location, but as they continue to grow they may become more of a hazard than their appeal warrants. When trees are growing too close to each other they are constantly competing. Selecting the right trees to be removed will allow the chosen trees to thrive without the stress of competition.

Dead, dying or diseased trees may not only pose the risk of property damage or injury, they can also infect other trees around them causing a domino effect thus making you have to remove more trees than you’d like. The proper tree service offered at the right time will prolong the health of your trees.

High winds, Lightning and even heavy rains can cause a tree to fail. Our emergency tree removal Fort Saskatchewan ab team is the tree service you need. Regular tree service and tree pruning will help your tree through tough weather. Tree pruning and maintenance is always the first step to protecting your trees from adverse weather.

All our tree removal services are completed with either our stump grinding or stump removal services.

Tree pruning Fort Saskatchewan

Our certified arborists have the knowledge and training required to offer proper pruning services that will help your tree remain healthy. lush and safe for years to come. When we are in your tree we are always looking out for what’s in the best interest of your tree. Tree pruning is often overlooked. Using this tree service on a maintenance schedule will allow your tree to grow properly, look great and be cost effective at the same time. Waiting to long to prune will not only cost more, your tree will have a harder time reaching its full potential.

A certified arborist has been trained extensively on every aspect of a tree’s life. Tree pruning is like vehicle maintenance. You should only use professional services and follow a maintenance schedule. Each cut made when tree pruning is crucial to your tree health. Each cut is selective and done with the future growth of your tree in mind.

The best time for tree trimming or pruning is typically between late fall and early spring. A tree may be pruned at any time, but the best success rates are between these periods of the year. Elm tree trimming or pruning may only be performed between October 1st till March 31st. This is mandated by legislation put forth by the government of Alberta to help prevent the potential spread of dutch elm disease.

Does your tree have a black knot fungal infection? Have us take a look to see what tree service would be best for you. Tree pruning or tree trimming is often one of the first services we’d offer. If the infection has gone too far we may suggest a complete tree removal and stump removal service.

Tree Pruning

Stump grinding and stump removal Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding area

Our Fort Saskatchewan ab stump grinding team will safely grind your stump and chase roots down approximately 6″ below grade. The fine wood chips and soil will be raked back over the hole for safety.

Our Fort Saskatchewan ab stump removal team will show up with an excavator to completely remove the stump and root ball so that a tree may be planted in its place right away. We can supply and plant trees as well. Finished off with a nice mulch bed.

Stump Removal

Tree services

Now also serving Sherwood park, Edmonton, Bon Accord and all surrounding areas. A complete tree service company you can count on.

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service