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Tree Care Services Beaumont

Ground Hawk Services is local Beaumont, we’re a full tree services company. Certified, fully insured and highly trained professionals that can perform all tree services while remaining safe and efficient. Following our strict procedures that are a notch above industry standards for arboriculture practices. Our professionals always ensure quality results. Proudly serving Edmonton, Beaumont, Leduc county and so much more of Alberta.

Tree removal

Tree removal services always pose a risk to property, our crew and the public. For this reason all our crew are led by a certified arborist. All our arborists and apprentices train yearly with Arbor Canada to keep up on safety in the industry. We will never estimate a tree removal through a picture. We always see the tree in person and meet with our clients to ensure all hazards are made aware of and our price is transparent. We stand by our pricing and workmanship. We offer free estimates.

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service

When are tree removals necessary?

When a tree is dead or dying there is always a bigger risk during a tree removal. Dead trees can be hollow inside and have very weak structure. Taking limbs off can easily destabilize a tree and failure may occur. Every tree removal project is different in its own way, we meticulously plan each removal according to its surroundings and variable hazards like weather and amount of decay. If you’re concerned that your tree may be dying or isn’t looking well, reach out to your tree care specialists and we’ll assess your situation and provide a plan for your tree maintenance needs moving forward.

Your tree overgrown its environment? It’s most likely time to take it down. With proper tree pruning and a maintenance plan, you can get the most out of your tree’s life. A tree planted too close to a house can be managed with proper pruning and a maintenance plan. Our certified climbers can access that hard to reach canopy in your backyard. For more technical removals, cranes are often used for a safe and efficient removal.

Disease in a tree can often be remedied. Have one of our horticulturists help you find the best solution. Starting with an eco-friendly treatment is always best, a certified horticulturist can guide you in the right direction. Should the disease warrant a complete removal, our Beaumont tree removal team can plan and execute a safe and efficient removal.

Wind, lightning and even heavy rain may cause a tree to fail. In some cases our services may be needed in a hurry. Our emergency tree removal services team is there for you. The crane is always on call and a team close by. We can deal with your insurance company directly to ease the entire process.

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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning

Tree pruning is the most valuable of the tree services we offer. Tree trimming or tree pruning is a process that stimulates a tree’s health and allows it to grow properly with its surroundings. Working with a trusted arborist on a long term maintenance plan for your tree is a commitment that pays off.

Dead limbs will be the first to be trimmed off. This will allow the tree to focus more of its energy where it is needed. It is crucial these cuts be done in a proper way to allow the tree to seal its wound quickly. Dull saws, a bad angle and lack of knowledge can be detrimental to a tree’s health.

Moving into the canopy of your tree, the arborist will thin out the canopy to allow light and fresh air to move freely throughout. This will strengthen the structure of your tree and boosts its health allowing it to fight off disease and infection. Each cut is made with the next couple of years of growth in mind.

Any limbs that pose future threats should be removed before they are to large or become a hazard to your property or family and friends. Approximately 25% of a tree’s biomass can be pruned at a time. A Tree needs to properly heal before it can be pruned again. Healing time depends on the species of tree.

Winter is the best time to prune most trees, except for sap bearing trees. These trees are best pruned in early spring or late fall. Needless to say, Tree pruning can be performed anytime of the year as needed. Most clients on our tree maintenance programs follow industry guidelines and have us in to perform our tree services during the seasons recommended

Tree trimming and pruning on a scheduled maintenance program can help prevent early tree removal. Tree care services go a long way for your trees health and longevity. Call us in for your next tree service.

Stump grinding and stump removal

After any removal is performed in your yard the option for stump grinding or a complete removal will be offered. Stump grinding not only takes that unsightly tripping hazard away, it may also make way for planting something else in its place.

Stump grinding entails grinding the stump down approximately 6″ below grade. We will also grind any visible chase roots in the immediate area of your stump. We finish it off by raking the fine shavings and soil mixture back over the hole for safety. Should you want new sod or earth and seed to finish the service off, we can help with that as well.

Removing a stump completely can be done as well, this service entails bringing in an excavator to completely remove the root ball. This service is typically used when planning on planting a new tree.

Stump Removal

Tree planting

Replacing or adding a tree may seem like a daunting task because of the vast variety of species to choose from. Have one of our team members help you make the proper decision based on the surrounding environments and your personal needs as well.

We are more than happy to help our clients with the big decision when it comes to choosing the right tree. From planting multiple trees on commercial or Condo properties to the apple tree on your front lawn, our safe and efficient team will get the job completed properly.

From utility locates and planning to the mulch bed and first watering our certified arborists will ensure the proper planting of your trees.

Lot clearing

When buying a new lot to build your forever or dream home there may be more than a few trees in the way. That is when you are left with many decisions. Decisions may be as big as placing the house in a specific location so certain trees do not have to be removed or harmed.

When consulting for any land or lot clearing jobs we consider the inventory of trees and plan out the best solutions, so our clients have the best options available to them. After all consulting and planning is complete the appropriate teams and equipment can be mobilized to complete the project.

All trees and brush can safely be removed and disposed of or bucked, split and stacked should you choose to keep some wood. We perform selective stump removal or a full ground mulching, each lot or land clearing job is tailored specifically to each client’s needs.

Even if you have a field of overgrown grass. We can send a skid steer with a brush cutter attachment 2-3 times a year to help keep the growth maintained.

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service