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Tree services Edmonton & Fort McMurray

Ground Hawk Services is proud to be one of the top tree service providers in Northern Alberta with locations in Edmonton and Fort McMurray. With ISA certified arborists on staff, we have the knowledge obtained through training and experience to become leaders in the industry. We specialize in tree maintenance and tree removal. It is not all we know, but it is all we do. Focusing all we do towards tree maintenance and removals has placed us alongside the best.

With top-of-the-line equipment and tools we can take on all projects from large tree removals to small pruning and stump grinding projects. We are fully insured and properly trained in the tree service industry, always reassuring our clients are left with a worry-free experience.

Our reviews speak for themselves, leaving a job cleaner than when our team arrived while working Safely and efficiently are just part of our everyday values.

Healthy trees can add value to your property and shade during the summer months. A properly maintained tree can thrive during Alberta’s harsh dry and cold seasons. Allow us to show you why Ground Hawk Services should be your preferred Arborist.

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service

Tree removal

Tree Removal Services

Across Alberta permits are not required to perform tree removal services on private property. This has allowed a lot of companies into the tree removal services side of the industry. Lack of training, knowledge and safety is a current issue in the tree care industry. We strive to teach and inform our safe tree removal procedure and knowledge on to our clients and fellow arborists any chance we get. Anything to help keep the tree removal industry safe.

Tree removal should only be performed by professionals that hold the highest values for safety and ethics the arborist industry stands for. Sometimes a tree does not need to be removed and is a suitable candidate for our tree pruning services.

Our professional Tree removal Edmonton & Fort McMurray teams can handle any technical, hazardous, or emergency tree services removal project. With proper planning and equipment, we stand by our zero property damage policy. Our ISA certified arborists will take the time to walk each client through the removal process.

If you receive a tree removal estimate for a fraction of the cost, 9 times out of 10 some steps in the basic tree removal procedure have been skipped. From planning to final clean up, Ground Hawk Services Tree Removal team will always leave your place in better condition than when we arrived.

Did you know...

  • The average cost to properly outfit an arborist with the proper PPE is roughly $5000 and over $1000 per season to maintain.
  • The average cost to outfit a groundsman is about $2000 and over $500 yearly to maintain.
  • The average training cost per year is roughly $3000 / employee.
  • Arbor Canada has been training all our employees over the past 5 years. Some of our employees are also working on becoming certified trainers.
  • Tree removals services are hard to be quoted by a picture through a text message. A tree removal service sold through a picture does not line up with our values or the tree services industry standards.
  • After consultation with one of our certified arborists your tree might just need one of our tree maintenance or tree prune services.
  • Tree removal cost is guaranteed to be the cost we quoted. We stand by our price and our work.
  • Safety is everything in the tree services industry. All our crew members helmets are outfitted with 2-way Bluetooth radio for constant communication and training. No price is too high when it comes to safety for our crews, clients, and the public.

Tree Pruning

A bad prune is not just a bad haircut, it is surgery gone wrong. A bad prune can ruin a tree’s health and its resistance to the elements. Hiring an ISA Certified Arborist for your tree service needs will prolong the health of your trees for years to come.

Our ISA certified arborists will work on the long-term game of your tree to help achieve a beautiful looking tree that is strong and resilient.

Every time one of our ISA certified arborists is in your tree, they are looking at more than just the cuts being made. The canopy is being observed and the trees structural integrity monitored. We build a relationship between the client and the tree, allowing us to provide the proper services for your tree care needs.

From Elm and fruit tree pruning in the winter to clearance pruning over structures, your trees first prune ever or a black knot fungal disease prune, we have all your tree pruning needs covered.

Tree pruning is an art, a form of surgery some might say. We never rush a tree pruning job and will always provide honest opinions and estimates that suit your tree’s health.

Tree Pruning
Stump Removal

Stump grinding - Stump Removal

After a tree removal, it’s always recommended to grind / remove the stump. The safe and efficient way to remove your stump is to use our stump grinding service.

Once our tree removal team has safely completed a project, our stump grinding team can move in. With safety in mind our team will set up screens and establish their safe work zone, so everyone is safe, and your property well protected.

Grinding the stump down approximately 4-6” below grade will ensure no regrowth will occur. Our team will also grind out those unsightly roots that big spruce and poplars tend to leave behind after a tree removal. Removing the stump completely to plant another tree in its place can also be achieved with our stump grinders, although larger stumps may require us to bring in a mini excavator to help complete the task.

Tree Planting Services

Replacing or adding a tree may seem like a daunting task because of the vast variety of species to choose from. Have one of our team members help you make the proper decision based on the surrounding environments and your personal needs as well.

We are more than happy to help our clients with the big decision when it comes to choosing the right tree. From multiple tree plantings on commercial or Condo properties to the apple tree on your front lawn, our safe and efficient team will get the job completed properly.

From utility locates and planning to the mulch bed and first watering our ISA certified arborists will ensure the proper planting of your trees. The impression our tree services teams in Edmonton & Fort McMurray leave you with will undoubtedly have you call back to prune trees we’ve planted.

Tree removal

Land and Lot Clearing

When buying a new lot to build your forever or dream home there may be more than a few trees in the way. That is when you are left with many decisions. Decisions may be as big as placing the house in a specific location so certain trees do not have to be removed or harmed.

When consulting for any land or lot clearing jobs we consider the inventory of trees and plan out the best solutions, so our clients have the best options available to them. After all consulting and planning is complete the appropriate teams and equipment can be mobilized to complete the project.

All trees and brush can safely be removed and disposed of or bucked, split and stacked should you choose to keep some wood. We perform selective stump removal or a full ground mulching, each lot or land clearing job is tailored specifically to each client’s needs.

Even if you have a field of overgrown grass. We can send a skid steer with a brush cutter attachment 2-3 times a year to help keep the growth maintained.

Ground Hawk Service Values

At Ground Hawk Services we hold the highest values towards the entire tree service industry. We are an honest group of professionals that love what we do. From learning to training we never stop doing either. Weather it’s our tree services in Edmonton team, our Fort McMurray tree service team or our tree service team on the road servicing everything past Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, Leduc and Morinville you can always expect the same professional arborists and extensive knowledge Ground Hawk Services is known for.

Tree Service locations

Our tree services in Edmonton covers a vast area. Our acreage and lake lot tree services teams can be found roaming a 250km radius around Edmonton.

Our city tree service teams cover Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Leduc, Devon, Spruce Grove, stony plain, Saint Albert, Morinville and Fort Saskatchewan.

Our Tree services in Fort McMurray Cover Fort McMurray, Anzac, Gregoire Lakes and all Oil sands sites.

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service